Galerie Trois Points was founded in 1988 by three art lovers (Hence the name of the gallery!) that were idealists and motivated by their passion for contemporary art: Jocelyne Aumont, Éric Devlin and Elena Lee. After six years of collaboration, the members of the trio decided to separate and each go in their own ways. Jocelyne Aumont took direction of the gallery on her own, which she directed until 2009.

For over two decades, a great number of artists have exposed in the gallery – these include artists such as Christiane Ainsley, Paul Béliveau, Stéphanie Béliveau, Sylvain Bouthileltte, Marie-Claude Bouthiller, Paul Bureau, Mario Côté, Michel Daigneault, Robbin Deyo, Marc Garneau, Shari Hatt, Harlan Johnson, Nicole Jolicoeur, Stéphane LaRue, François-Xavier Marange, Marisa Portolese, Marcel Saint-Pierre, Jason et Carlos Sanchez, Horacio Sapere, Marc Séguin, Angèle Verret and Max Wyse – to name a few who have collaborated with the gallery.

Since its very first days, Galerie Trois Points dares to present emerging artists and several of these young artists are now well renowned in the visual arts sphere. The gallery has forged long term relationships with these artists whose reputation is now well established. Some artists are still exposing at the gallery, years after their early beginnings.

Galerie Trois Points was one of the first institutions to invest in the Belgo Building and moved into the structure in 1994 after leaving the old locals of the Galerie Michel Groleau, situated on the opposite side of the street, at 307 West Saint Catherine. The Belgo Building, which will celebrate its 100th anniversary in 2012, is a privileged site for contemporary art amateurs. This old textile factory is now occupied by more than thirty cultural institutions – almost twenty-five of which are galleries or important sites of diffusion in the visual arts sphere.

Since 2009, a new team took the head of Galerie Trois Points: Jean-Michel Bourgeois and Émilie Grandmont Bérubé, the director of the gallery. These new owners wish to revive and vivify mood and spirit of the gallery, positively inscribe themselves in the art milieu, and have a strong desire to defend and pursue Galerie Trois Points’ heritage.

Archives of the gallery