Alex McLeod

Artist Profile

At first sight, Alex McLeod's work truly fascinates, intrigues, mesmerizes. In his photographic impressions, he depicts fantastical landscapes that are completely computer generated and digital in nature, causing the viewer to question this dichotomy between the real and the virtual. His creative model developed with specialized software triggers a tactile reaction through which the viewer is incited to question the medium. Like a dream, the universes he creates are both ephemeral and precious. 

McLeod produces small abstract forms, trees, clouds, urban structures more or less chaotic, which he then covers with materials and ultra-realistic textures that simulate glass, crystal, wood, fabric, metal, porcelain, plastic… the artist also plays with light causing lightness and darkness to interfere in a profound way, thus offering the viewer a sense of confusion and enabling him to enter into the realm of the dream through his entirely computer-generated images and C-Print editions, depicting unreal landscapes. 

Alex McLeod lives and works in Toronto. An OCAD graduate, Alex McLeod studied drawing then switched to computer-generated digital imagery. He presented his works widely in Canada, especially in Montreal, Toronto, Regina, but also in the United States, like New York, Hamilton, Philadelphia, Chicago, and in France, Spain, Sweden, New-Zealand and Brazil. In 2009, he received a visual art grant from the Council of Art of Toronto. McLeod works featured in many private and publics collections, notably for the Royal Bank of Canada, Museum of Contemporary art of Canada, Bank of Montreal and MMPI Canada.

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