Anne-Renée Hotte

Artist Profile

Through the coexistence of the landscape and the human figure, Anne-Renée Hotte questions the dualities and symbiosis between group membership and individuality. Her work evokes the idea of a necessarily imperfect community evolving at the rhythm of a world where the notions of nature and culture participate in a logic of the decentering of the narrative, a sliding of visions. Thus, her photographic series present an oscillation between a personal state of introspection and belonging to a larger world, revealing certain paradoxes of human life.

Anne-Renée Hotte lives and works in Montreal. A photography graduate from Concordia University (2010), she completed her master's degree in visual and media arts at the Université du Québec à Montréal in 2015. Her work has been presented in several locations abroad and in Québec, including at the Galerie Artem (Quimper, France), the Gallery of the University of Indonesia (Jakarta), Volta NY (New York, USA), Caravansérail (Rimouski), the FOFA Gallery, the Galerie de l'UQÀM (Montréal) and at the Galerie Trois Points (Montréal). In 2013, she created a public artwork for the CHU Québec-Université-Laval, which will be exhibited throughout the construction of the new center. Anne-Renée Hotte also participated in the 8th edition of the Kamouraska Photographic Meetings in 2016.

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