Erik Jerezano

Artist Profile

The work of Erik Jerezano lives in a world where the eye is constantly deceiving us yet does so apologetically, where the naivety of the pen and simplicity of paper is taken with grave seriousness, The indescribable softness of the (often) ironic reflexivity of his work binds together the two places were he has been shaped the most culturally: Mexico City and Toronto.

In 2004, he and two other artists created Z’otz* Collective. The artists meet weekly to collaborate on multi-media works that include drawing, painting, collage, portable sculpture and the written word. The collective traveled to Serbia in 2007 for an multidisciplinary residence in collaboration with the Loznica Cultural Center and the Belgrade School of Fine Arts. Recently, they created an in situ installation on the walls of the Dunlop Art Gallery.

Erik  Jerezano was born in Mexico City in 1973. He is a self-taught artist who arrived in Toronto in 2001. Since then, he has exhibited his work in galleries and artist-run centers across Canada, Mexico and Europe. In 2005, he was awarded a Toronto Arts Council Emerging Artist grant, Ontario Arts Council Emerging Artist grand and his work was selected by the Drawing Center viewing program in New York. Also, in 2012, he received the price from the foundation Pollock-Krasner. In the past, he was involved in community projects in Mexico City, where he collaborated on outdoor murals.


2011Etc | Gentiane Bélanger
 Les multiples versants du folk | 10 février
2010Straight | Robin Laurence
 Drawn 2010 flips understanding of drawing sideways | 27 juillet
2010Le Devoir | Jérôme Delgado
 Chauve-souris à six mains - Le livre des synonymes disparus | 10 avril
2009Le Soleil | Nadia Ross
 Symposium de Baie-Saint-Paul : rencontre entre délires | 15 août