Julie Voyce

Artist Profile

It was love at first sight: an intaglio class at the Ottawa Municipal Art Centre, 1975. Julie signed up for the next session vowing to do more etching when she got to the art school in Toronto. Unfortunately, all the intaglio courses were full and in a print withdrawal state of desperation so Julie grabbed the only available slot, serigraphy. She hated it, almost dropped out of the course and was saved by crayon resist (“crayon resistance”?) and photoscreen.

Now, Julie Voyce lives to print! She's done more etching, more silkscreen, lithography, relief printing and always has a great time with any Canon photocopier. Drawing, painting, toy making, book making, comics, cartoons, installation, shameless public displays and the construction of dust collecting trinkets have served to keep her out of trouble.

Julie Voyce graduated from the Ontario College of Art in 1980. Her work has traveled to St. John's, Vancouver, Montreal, Lethbridge, Owen Sound, Saskatoon, Los Angeles, Buffalo, New York, Rome, London-England and Siberia. Julie's work has most recently been shown at The Tom Thomson Art Gallery, Galerie Trois Points, Art Metropole, LandymoreKeith Contemporary Art, the Southern Alberta Art Gallery, apexart and is housed in the following collections: The Canada Council Art Bank, Various Private, the Art Gallery of Mississauga, The Museum of Modern Art Library, The Edward P. Taylor Research Library @ the AGO, The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, Osler Hoskin & Harcourt, Ernst & Young, Art Metropole, The Bank of Montreal and the Banque Nationale du Canada.


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