Natascha Niederstrass

Artist Profile


Natascha Niederstrass’ work produces the feeling of the uncanny in the viewer by building devices that create dichotomies between what is real or fictional, hovering between the familiar and foreign, the known and unknown. By at once attracting and repelling the viewer, she instills a sense of discomfort that unsettles what seemed clear at first glance.

By constructing different mises en scènes Niederstrass creates an ambiguous narrative that prompts the viewer to guess a story or past event that took place in this specific setting. By engaging viewers in a process of mental reconstruction, she enables them to interact with the created environment. By tracing or reflecting a history of prior actions and motivations, her work places the viewer in the role of the investigator.

As she elaborates a body of works inspired by various news facts testifying of violent acts, Niederstrass questions the idea of sensationalism of crime in mass culture in a desire to reconcile the non-aesthete viewer with contemporary art, often perceived as being hermetic. Hence she tries a different but viable way of criticizing and understanding the image that relies on evidence, trace and residue.

Natascha Niederstrass holds a Bachelor’s degree from Concordia University (BFA) and a Master’s degree in Fine Arts from York University in Toronto (MFA). Her work has been presented in various solo and group exhibitions. Awarded the Plein sud grant in 2005, she also took part in 2009 in Confluence, jointly presented at the Musée régional de Rimouski and Maison de la culture Frontenac, as part of the event De l’île à la mer, curated by Bernard Lamarche In 2010, she participated in the Off Manif d’Art 5 in Quebec entitled Accident. We have presented her work in a first solo exhibition in 2014 and the same year, she shown at Occurence - Espace d’Art et d’essai contemporain. She had an important exhibition at Gallery 101 in Ottawa during the summer of 2015 that she will be presenting again at CIRCA in January 2018.

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