Natural Gesture

March 10, 2018 - April 21, 2018

Anne-Renée Hotte pursues her research combining video, photography and installation in Natural Gesture, her latest project which will be presented at Galerie Trois Points from March 10 to April 21.

This most recent work focuses on several forms of links in which speech is absent and leaves room for dialogue between bodies. By isolating socially coded gestures, Anne-Renée Hotte explores in a video corpus the notion of collective and intimate behavior through nonverbal language. By an absence of narration, the artist transports us closer to this relationship to the other, on the edge of this friction in social and intimate sphere. Whether performative in a sporting practice, about love in a kiss, or care of the other, each gesture is apprehended by the artist in a way that is both frontal and sensitive.

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