As seen on TV

January 18 - February 15, 2003


From January 18 to February 15, Clint Griffin is back at the Trois Points Gallery to present his latest work.

Based in Toronto for a few years, Griffin retrieves photographs deemed irrelevant by their owners. These clichés devoid of artistic value are dissected by the artist: he tears them, cuts them into fragments, glues them, sews them to the machine, draws them or paints them.

During his last visit to the gallery, he offered us a series of paintings created from birthday pictures. He is inspired this time by the television world; these works re-enact what the artist could see and hear. They also bring truth, reminding us that we are often what we watch on the small screen. If it’s on television, it’s bound to be real …

In this production, Griffin does not seek to raise questions or provide specific answers. Rather, he reacts to being raised by television, which he tried to measure. Through these works, he recognizes and accepts the influence of such a medium.

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