David Arseneau, David Lafrance, Maclean, Max Wyse,

May 1 - May 29, 2010

It is with great pleasure that Galerie Trois Points offers carte blanche to Sylvain Bouthillette who wished to invite great friends of his who are also important artists in the contemporary art scene of Montreal. Max Wyse, Maclean, David Lafrance and David Arseneau are featured with Bouthillette in BWLAM !! presented at the gallery from May 1st to 29.

The exhibition’s starting point is the strong friendship that the artists share. Mutual admiration plays an important role in this studio dynamic that we have the chance to bring to the gallery. Bouthillette wanted to put emphasis on the respect they show for each other as well as on the quality of the work presented. If work from the five artists is easily recognizable, one from the other, they all share this wild sense of independence, impetuousness and sometimes irreverence.

As a viewer, it is a privileged experience to have access to that creative community. We enter this studio ambiance with great curiosity to discover five artists, five practices, but more than anything, the complicity that brings them altogether. Theoretical confrontations on art history or esthetic influences, appreciative comments or philosophical questions; these meetings in the sacred space of the studio are crucial to the artists’ productions.

Discover a new painting by Sylvain Bouthillette, the strange characters of Max Wyse. The grand landscapes of David Arseneau those and David Lafrance, both troubling and euphoric or finally the fascinating constellations of Maclean.

Artists you know or have yet to discover, this exhibition|meeting imagined by Sylvain Bouthillette is a real pleasure, both for the mind and for the eyes. It is also very important to mention Roger Bellemare and Dominique Bouffard who graciously offered their collaboration.

Les artistes sont des ilots flottants, très souvent seuls dans leurs ateliers…
Au-delà de l’establishment de l’art, il y a les artistes, qui ont toujours été là.

Sylvain Bouthillette

Press release