Guido Molinari, Jennifer Lefort, , , Paul Bureau, Yves Gaucher

April 9 - May 7, 2005

The title of this exhibition Chromophilia finds its Greek etymology in “Khrôma” meaning color and in “philos” meaning friend, thus referring to an interest in color as the main theme of this group exhibition.

The emergence of abstract art from the 1910s to the 1960s allowed a complete reinterpretation of the work of art which no longer proposed a representation of reality as a window open to the world, but a flat surface covered with color and shapes as the basis of pictorial research. In the 1950s, American Abstract Expressionism reinvents color in a more emotional and spiritual way. The American pavilion at the Montreal World’s Fair in 1967 revealed this painting to Quebec artists.

The visual artist Guido Molinari was one of the first to burst the color and offer a reception experience. He inspired Paul Bureau, who proposed an overflow of the chromatic field and a visualization of intersections. Michel Daigneault creates, from the color, different depth fields. This artist directs the mastery of Jennifer Lefort who uses a controlled gesture and spots as a motif. The use of color as a motif is also very present in Yves Gaucher’s work. He has also influenced the formal quality of the pictorial research sound at Mario Côté, registering the latter in the wake of Quebec painters of the 1960s.

This exhibition therefore offers works by artists of different generations highlighting their past and current reflection on color. It also inaugurates a variation on the same theme each year at Galerie Trois Points.

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