Michèle Assal

January 15 - February 12, 2000

From January 15th to February 12th, Michèle Assal is back at the Galerie Trois Points to present his latest production.

The present corpus deals with encounters, those formerly done with a pen and paper. Photocopied then transferred on the support, these written correspondences fix the fleeting one and mark the temporal continuity leaving traces moving. These form our personal and collective history today evacuated by the pernicious selection of writings, more particularly that of Internet messages, ready to read and to throw. Without being critical or nostalgic, Michèle Assal’s approach is in this a poetic reflection on time leaking by leaps and bounds.

Such correspondences are also manifest at the visual level. Indeed, some works account for an exchange between the pictorial structure of the painting and the adjacent real structure, which is composed of pyroq tiles taking up the dull color ranges (gray green, gray blue, black) of the painting. The result is a global work in which the void constitutes an essential building element for Assal; is that the artist likes to play with space in order to create new perspectives and raise new questions. The viewer is thus invited to question his position in relation to emptiness and the world, like Michèle Assal who says to learn to know by quietly observing his environment.

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