Des souvenirs incertains

May 24 - June 28, 2014

Galerie Trois Points is delighted to present Des souvenirs incertains, a solo exhibition by gallery artist Nathalie Grimard from May 24th to June 28th. The exhibition features delicate embroideries on canvas in which the artists explores her past through the uncertainties and fragility of memory.

Nathalie Grimard has been exploring themes of dream, vulnerability and in-betweenness states for some years. Once again, she invests the intimate sphere with Des souvenirs incertains. The artist questions her own identity while revisiting her childhood memories, a painful process that allows her to consolidate her own history. Born from a necessity to make the mnemonic process tangible through themes of truth, the constructed an the imagined, the artist’s pieces are as many poetic moments where time seems to be fixed, frozen by the dissipation of memories.

Des Souvenirs Incertains is an incomplete collection of the artist’s memories, created in a time of doubt with an urgency to recreate her own identity. Through the embroidery process, hard and repetitive, the artist tries to restore her memory and reanimate her past. Halfway between reality and the imagined, Grimard presents one of her most authentic and intimate body work, sharing as a secret her uncertainties about her own past.

Nathalie Grimard was the recipient of the Pierre-Ayot award in 2001, which is offered by the City of Montreal to promising young artists. That same year, she participated in the group show Metamorphosis and Cloning at Contemporary Art Museum of Montreal. More recently, she was in the À la croisée de l’art et de la médecine exhibition at Foreman Art Gallery of Bishop’s University and had a solo at the Centre d’exposition de Val d’Or. She will also show a solo, Les lutteurs, at the Centre national de recherché et de diffusion en arts contemporains numériques in Alma in 2010.

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