Dessins, estampes et multiples

October 20 - November 10, 2001

Back from Basel where he resided at the Quebec Arts and Letters Council Studio, Sylvain Bouthillette is visiting Galerie Trois Points to present his latest production.

“For several years now, I sat in front of the television watching a documentary about Mondrian. Calder could be heard suggesting that the artist install motors behind his canvases to make them move. Mondrian replied that they did not need it since they were already very fast. This anecdote was a revelation for me: the surface, and consequently the space, has a speed. Parallel to my work on meditation, this led me to develop a concept on acceleration and deceleration. This is the ability to control the speed of a surface and a space, coupled with the need to decelerate the mind, which is in constant tension with the environment. Indeed, the speed ends up killing the look just like the spirit.

But one can model consciousness through art. This should be used to make the individual better. Form of altruism, it takes its source here not in aesthetics but in the power of ritual. As for the work itself, transformed into a spiritual catalyst, it opens questions about ethics, morality, language and its social role, as well as the relationship between the singular and the universal. ”

The artist wishes to thank Mario Beaupré for the framing of the works.

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