February 8 - March 4, 1995

«on ne voit que ce qu’on regarde et on ne regarde que ce qu’on a dans le tête» A. Bertillon

For the past few years, Nathalie Grimard has been investing in the dream territory by exploring the factual manifestations of nightlife. The most recent installation of the artist seeks to penetrate the manifest content of the dream by introducing us into a dreamlike space, the very one where the dreamer replaces the outside world in an imaginary monologue.

The space of the gallery has been transformed for the occasion into a dormitory. The viewer is invited to circulate in a corridor where are aligned six paintings from which arise the photographic image of each of the sleepers. These images are combined with a sound or visual plot that retransmits the narrative narrative of the moment dreamed. These retransmissions operate a particular slip since the surfaces of the paintings appear now like screens of the dream on which are projected some “nocturnal remains”. (…)

Nathalie Grimard‘s installation thus opens up a space of circulation between the real and the dream that invites the viewer to a relationship of subtle tension between the factual dimension of reality and the fantastic dimension of the dream.

(Excerpts from Marie-Jo Jean’s text, 1995)

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