Christiane Ainsley

September 4 - October 2, 2004

From September 4 to October 2, 2004, Galerie Trois Points presents Christiane Ainsley’s most recent work.

Christiane Ainsley is an artist recognized in Quebec since her beginnings in the mid-1980s. Her works are part of almost all Quebec museum collections, such as that of the Montreal Museum of Contemporary Art where she exhibited for the first time in 1985, Peinture au Quebec, a new generation. The artist has presented her work in numerous solo and group exhibitions in Quebec and more recently in France.

In recent years, she has started a series of landscapes whose form evolved little to abstraction, thus emphasizing a work on the medium namely the painting as a material. Christiane Ainsley has accustomed her audience to an impasto lush on various supports. His new production is still based on the idea of landscape, but changes format by offering mainly diptychs on wood. The colors are used in opposition, offering a visual challenge for the spectator. Gel and acrylic are brushed, scraped, crushed on the support giving a job dynamic on the texture. Finally, the wood panels worked separately are brought together by after adding to the tension of colors that of the forms.

The exhibition therefore accounts for this evolution, both technical and pictorial, on the walls of the gallery.

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