Ensemble opératoire

February 21 - March 28, 2015

Galerie Trois Points is pleased to present Ensemble Opératoire, a solo exhibition by the artist Michel Daigneault from February 21 to March 28. The artist continues his pictorial exploration by accentuating the notion of dialogical space, thereby orchestrating various « worlds » within the same painting.

Michel Daigneault’s compositions aim to break down the boundaries between figuration and abstraction; the abstract vocabulary stands alongside recognizable realities, creating pictorial spaces that engender various narrative possibilities. Tending more to allusion than illusion, Daigneault’s paintings are built by an accumulation and juxtaposition of areas of flat color, dispersing here and there moments of visual tension and fragments of narrative trails. The painter deploys these fragments of narrative structure so that they can only be partially inferred by the association of ideas and colors.

The color range Daigneault uses is central to our understanding of his work. The colors he choses act in an allusive manner as references to the real world. As with color, the painting’s title also plays a role in pointing towards various metaphoric readings, as much mechanism as allusion. The artist doesn’t try to eliminate the differences between the poetic and formal readings of painting, but rather chooses to allow those differences to butt up one against another.

Michel Daigneault lives and works in Montreal and Toronto and holds a B.A. in Fines Arts from Concordia and a Master in Art History from the University of Montréal. He has presented and exhibited in numerous solo and group shows across Canada, in the United States and in Europe. His work can be found in major museum and corporate collections such as the Caisse de dépôt et de placement du Québec, the National Gallery of Canada, the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, the Canada Council Art Bank, the Musée d’art contemporain de Montréal, the Prêt d’œuvres d’art collection of the Musée national des beaux-arts du Québec, the Musée d’art de Joliette, the National Bank, Hydro-Québec, RBC Royal Bank, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Canada, and the University of Lethbridge.

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