… et toutes les gouttes de la mer…

Michelle Héon

September 8 - October 6, 2007

Michelle Héon tirelessly sculpts the motive of the sea gone with its lights, the wave and its eddies. Without doubt, the fundamental stake of this passionate research is in the perilous proximity – impossible reconciliation? – of the moment and its duration.

Sometimes a disgusting pearl, sometimes a precious receptacle of a sea to come, the drop greyed on its foam bed moves and moss at pleasure according to the meetings but she does not ignore the tragic metamorphosis: she is already no longer . It will need, as seems to put it in evidence Michelle Héon, again and again renew herself, she and her fellows, for give the illusion of permanence. Leave room to happen.

… And all the drops of the sea could well mean that the sea, that the wave, that the drop are always other than themselves but always creative powers, of this same power which is expressed in the time, where the Becoming, according to the philosopher, is the very principle of reality. But what reality? Have we said enough of the difficulty of making precise these forms that are mutable and close to the uncertain? What to grab?

This exhibition makes us feel the relevance of the choice of Michelle Héon: the fixed image masterfully sets in motion the splashes of water and other whirlpools, the vertiginous lactescences and lulls, the cries as the songs … Because the wave is the fold of the sea, which opens and offers itself to infinity. The wave is the cry of the sea which exhausts itself to infinity and all the drops of the sea are its lamentation figures.

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