Everything is fine

George Vergette

September 6 - October 11, 2008

Galerie Trois Points is pleased to open its fall programmation with the second solo exhibition of George Vergette. The young artist from Vancouver presents his most recent work in a show called Everything is fine. Maquettes and paintings are living side by side, exploring the reflexive power of both colo rand resin through a positive theme that is questionning the impact of human activity on environnement.

Vergette fascinates with his huge resin paintings while the deep blacks and blues seem to completely absorb the viewer eye. Playing with calligraphy and the power of words, the artist put the word flee in diffrent forms, all appealing to as many various reactions. The contrast with the profond dark colors and the immaculate white of the maquettes is unhinging. Build as architectural forms, some maquettes include elements that attest the destructive impact of man on natural habitats. That is how we get confronted to a stuffed squirrel or a dead forest that seem to invade the so white human construction.

Once again, George Vergette achieves to take the space over with a complex game of forms and colors. Animals become so big they outshine the human structres, creating a real trouble while the light gives a tragic aspect to the deepness of the color and the destruction of natural environnements. The artist reflexion is as social and environmental while the title, Everything is fine is not without suggesting our own detachment with our role, as a society, in the destruction of natural habitats.

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