Everything is going swimmingly

Nicolas Fleming

February 21 - March 28, 2015

Galerie Trois Points is delighted to present Everything is going swimmingly, a solo exhibition by guest artist Nicolas Fleming from February 21st to March 28th. Exploring the gallery space’s sculptural potential, the artist proposes a site-specific installation challenging the white cube environment.

Everything is going swimmingly suggests an aesthetic proposition translating a strong desire to question the mediums’ specificities. With this installation, Nicolas Fleming exposes the viewer to an experience alluding to the confinement and the mysticism proper to places of worship. Within the surprising balance between an accumulation of objects displayed in a restricted space and means of economy, the artist offers the visitors an immersive experience where the clinical coldness of the light becomes matter, uncompromisingly marking details in the works.

From Nicolas Fleming’s spatial and formal explorations result an installation whose aesthetic addressses the codes of minimalism by borrowing those from the field of construction. By diverting the function of materials such as plaster, varnish, styrofoam or polyurethane, the artist challenges the idea of permanence and durability that prevails in architecture. While ennobling these materials and techniques, Fleming transforms our perception of both sculpture and painting. Through the direct work with the manufactured mediums, the artist injects a certain spontaneity resulting in an organic, imperfect appearance. Everything is going swimmingly borrows at once from statuary art, the monolithic and the monumental as well as referring to the industrial and the sacred. 

Nicolas Fleming lives and works in Toronto and Montreal. He has completed a Master’s degree in Visual Arts at the Université du Québec à Montréal in 2007. The artist has recently presented solo exhibitions namely at AXENE07 (Gatineau), ISE Cultural Foundation (New York) and McClure Gallery (Montreal). He has also shown in situ projects at Aires Libres Festival (Montreal), Neter Proyectos (Mexico) and KFAK,K (Germany). 

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