Exposition de groupe

Gary Clement, Lisa Petrocco, Yael Brotman

May 3 - May 24, 2003

In collaboration with Loop Gallery (Toronto), Trois Points Gallery presents the work of Yael Brotman, Gary Clement and Lisa Petrocco.

Born in Israel, Yael Brotman participated in several collectives in Toronto, Edmonton, Calgary, New York, San Diego and Belfast. Exploring the themes of fragility, violence and human madness, her work is featured in the collections of Ernst & Young, the Toronto Stock Exchange and the Royal Bank of Canada.

A recipient of numerous illustrative awards (Governor General’s Award, 1999, National Magazine Award, 1997, etc.), Gary Clement is fascinated by the phenomenon of urban life. His work has been published in Canadian and American magazines and newspapers, including National Post, The New York Times, Time and The Chicago Tribune.

Ontario Arts Council Fellow Lisa Petrocco exhibited solo in Guadalajara, Mexico, and Toronto. She also took part in group exhibitions in Toronto, New York and Quito (Ecuador). His paintings refer to the geometric structures that surround us but also to the details of everyday life deemed unimportant.

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