Exposition solo

Louise Masson

April 13 - May 11, 1996

After an absence of two years, Louise Masson returns with a solo exhibition at Galerie Trois Points. In her last two exhibitions, at Local 502 at Belgo in Montreal and at Galerie Madeleine Lacerte in Quebec City, she had accustomed us to a vision of nature that was less visible for the extent of her lush seduction than for the space that it delimits. His new production continues this approach.

Louise Masson will present a series of five paintings, stripped voluntarily, emphasizing her references; the tall extended, the skyline and the trunk / body that is transformed into a frame. The landscape always present in his work has made way to a much more minimalist work. Large color ranges are delineated by a dark line, partially skyline, partially tree trunk, frame or human body.

Are we in the presence of a character with his arms raised, the outline of a plan or a tree that has lost its leaves?

landmark: «C’est un endroit précis reconnu et choisi pour se retrouver.» (Le Petit Robert)

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