Exposition solo

October 15 - November 12, 2005

The Galerie Trois Points will host from September 10 to October 8 Richard Mill exhibition long awaited in Montreal, which will bring together paintings and a series of recent drawings.

For more than thirty years, Richard Mill has produced an elaborate painting around notions of frame and gestuality. His painting has for a long time been composed of almost austere clean forms, approximating American minimalism. The paintings are punctuated with bright colors, curved lines and sometimes objects graft as extensions of the frame of the table. The guidelines of his pictorial production have been transposed into the past, at the crossroads of a more sculptural practice.

Moving away from a more radical formalism, he further circumscribes his reference field with this recent work. The spontaneous gesture sweeps the paintings of curves recalling anthropomorphic forms that are precise and refer to the presence of inscriptions on the works that direct the reading. Thus he knows how to renew his plastic language while incorporating a semblance of figuration.

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