Exposition solo

Pierre Bellemare

August 9 - September 2, 1989

Pierre Bellemare has been pursuing artistic research for fifteen years, questioning the mystical nature of man. He uses poor materials like wood, fabrics, metal pieces, found at random from a walk. Pierre Bellemare invites us to discover the intrinsic qualities of objects, apparently ordinary, which he stages. The simplicity of each painting reveals the richness of the most humble things. The pieces presented at the Galerie Trois Points integrate all the fiber in its usual and used forms.

The work of Pierre Bellemare is part of the Arte Povera movement which has raised banality to the rank of art. For the Italian critic Germano Celant, the linguistic process underlying the Arte Povera consists in eliminating, suppressing, impoverishing the signs, to reduce them to archetypes. Thus, the Kounellis fireflowers that we saw at the Montreal Museum of Contemporary Art last fall are simply made of a lit gas flame.

Pierre Bellemare exhibited at the Saidye Bronfman Center, Gheerbrant Gallery, John A. Schweitzer, Frédéric Palardy Gallery, Noctuelle / Michel Groleau and Lavalin (De fer et d’acier).

Simultaneously with his exhibition, Pierre Bellemare will participate in the Baie Saint-Paul Symposium. This year’s theme, freedom, fits logically into the continuity of his work. The use he makes of abandoned materials reflects this refusal of an academic straitjacket sometimes too rigid to reflect the theme as freedom.

Recently Pierre Bellemare received support from the Quebec Ministry of Cultural Affairs for a stay in India where he studied the junctions of Eastern and Western mystics.

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