Exposition solo

Suzanne Dubuc

February 27 - March 27, 1999

The space of the Galerie Trois Points will be occupied from February 27 to March 27 by the work of Suzanne Dubuc.

We will remember the paintings that the artist presented in 1996 on our walls: pieces of glued canvas served a very formal and colorful composition.

The artist continues this work in which the playful dimension occupies a preponderant place. If the compositions of 1996 could be born from the juxtaposition of assembled pieces, these fragments are from now on directly painted on the surface.

Suzanne Dubuc literally proposes some parameters of format, light and color (this time the palette is very limited: only one color in washed and folded tones serves the work), trying to solve the riddles that it arises, in the manner of a game.

Dubuc’s work thus appears as a question, a rebus to which she has tried to answer, without closing a work that remains unquestionably open.

A painting by Suzanne Dubuc is more than a game, more than a question. A painting by Suzanne Dubuc is a feast for the eye where light and color are the object of a tireless rapture.

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