Exposition solo

November 22 - December 20, 2008

From November 22nd to December 20, Galerie Trois‐Points is pleased to welcome the latest production of Richard Mill.

For more than thirty years, the Quebec City born artist has been a major player in the Quebec contemporary art. Mill’s work has been presented all over the province and he has shown extensively in Canada, and also in France and Belgium. Richard Mill was basically associated with the minimalist American movement because of his large bare canvases. This austerity shown in his work testified a similar aesthetic sense with this movement.

Lately, the artist withdraws from that more radical formalism to explore a gestalt way of painting. The exhibition will show his latest paintings that put the accent on long curved lines that draw anthropomorphic figures to which he add some inscriptions that allow a certain lecture orientation. His large paintings of human proportions attest his expressive touch and question both color and medium.

Richard Mill still get to surprise and move us through his dynamic conception of artistic process.

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