David Lafrance, Suzy Lake

March 25 - April 22, 2000


In collaboration with the Paul Petro Contemporary Art Gallery in Toronto and at the Intersection Montreal – Toronto exhibition, Galerie Trois Points is pleased to present the latest production from Suzy Lake.

A Detroit artist established in Canada since 1968, Suzy Lake explores performance, video and photography in an introspective, formal and conceptual way. A recipient of the Toronto Arts Award for Visual Art in 1997, Lake addresses the issues of representation, power, and authority that mark a very personal journey.

The present corpus is part of this approach in the sense that it shows the interests of the artist for the question of the grip on the body and that of the return of the psyche. Fascia, the title of the exposure, is this fibrous membrane serving as an envelope to the underlying organs and muscles. Lake refers to this internal ‘armor’ by employing very thin photographic emulsions here that she sews together to create sculptural representations of feminine underwear; the result is a metaphor of self-determination and self-acceptance. Photographically printed on emulsion panels, various images of lace form an additional layer of internal definition. Finally, the use of copper emulsion and collage on paper comes to question the central construction.

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