Féminin Pluriel

, Julie Voyce,

January 16 - February 13, 2010

It is with the greatest pleasure that Galerie Trois Points is presenting the collective show Féminin Pluriel, from January 16 to February 13. The exhibition features works from Elmyna Bouchard, Natalie Reis and Julie Voyce, all of them working with paper in their own particular way.

Without particularly looking to emphasize a feminist point of view, we chose to mix together the visions of three women artists of different backgrounds and age. From this unexpected but fabulous meeting emerges a new and delicate audacity.

Julie Voyce takes us through a vivid and colored abstraction with her collage reappropriations of pieces from famous engravers such as Daumier or Piranesi. Natalie Reis is showing subtle drawings that leave great space to the white of the paper, enjoying a reinterpretation of art history figures. She is mixing antique busts drawn with her soft and colored lines and phallic forms that are more intriguing than shocking. As for the big sized pieces of Elmyna Bouchard, they differ from what we might know of the artist production. On the large canvases, an infinite number of little paper rolls texture the surface, structured by delicate embroideries.

Dynamic, soft, vivid, delicate and brightly colored, the work of these three artists proposes as many views of the paper medium. They are exploring all its richness and intimate feeling that it installs, as much with the artist and her work as between the viewer and the pieces. This meeting with fascinating and audacious women let us get a new perspective on the infinite possibilities of the paper.

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