Fresh Cut Flowers

Robbin Deyo

January 19 - February 16, 2002

From January 19th to February 16th, Robbin Deyo’s first solo will take place at the Galerie Trois Points.

In his latest production, Deyo explored the sensual world of confectionery. A metaphor for rituals generally associated with the feminine, her encaustic paintings were created from utensils and cake pans, which cut out the surface with acid tints. Following a series of three works, Repressed, Composed and Relief, presented at the Quebec International Art Festival (L’Oeil de poisson, 2000), these new pieces refer to the ornaments (lace, linen, etc.) of the ‘domestic’ sphere. With great formal rigor, the motifs were produced with biscuit molds in the shape of a flower or petal; the wax was then removed to reveal the canvas that serves as the background.

At once intimate and solitary, the making of an object for the other implies the construction of our own identity, here put in relation with what surrounds us. According to the artist, the activity of making and the decorative object that results are somehow a loophole. Evidenced by the familiar elements of the surface that, repeated in series, allow the spirit to wander and daydream.

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