Gold from a Riverbank

Max Wyse

October 26 - November 23, 2002

From October 26 to November 23 will be held the first solo Max Wyse at the Galerie Trois Points.

In the work of Max Wyse, a young artist from Kamloops, British Columbia, the human appears as a mature adult, yet it is as if he had just been born. Indifferentiated by the environment, his body exists as ground; he becomes the host of a flora, birds, elements. The human is thus presented in all its generosity, ready to give shelter, or tenderly unveiled, giving passage to the wind.

The artist places a lot of value on transparency; the acrylic sheet (plexiglass) is its work surface. Working on the back, Wyse begins with drawing. Starting from the foreground to the back, the dry or liquid lines are followed by solid areas of color. Pigments mixed with gel, earth and water emerge in subtle textures, thus giving gravity to the whole.

Do these figures change shape or are they just there to disappear?

Martin Lemieux

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