Marc Séguin

November 18 - December 23, 2000

From November 18 to December 23, Marc Séguin is visiting Galerie Trois Points to present his latest engravings.

To recognize engraving as an autonomous art is the goal of this exhibition. Integral part of the work of the artist, it has its own language allowing the exploration of new avenues, those where the reflection leaves room for spontaneity and improvisation. In addition, this medium provides a graphic quality that appeals to Séguin, a quality more difficult to achieve in painting. However, it was through the latter that he discovered the technique of the black way, as the engraving and painting exchange here constantly.

Advancing the perception of the image is also the concern of Marc Séguin. Unwilling to please the public and refusing any partitioning, he says he is unable to create “comfortable things”. This is why he will seek not to provoke but to destabilize the spectator, especially by dark subjects. It is when one thinks to have seized his work that Séguin brings us elsewhere … to continually surprise us.

Press release