Histoire naturelle

Harlan Johnson

May 20 - June 7, 1997

The Galerie Trois Points temporarily enlarges its places. Indeed, you are invited to a retrospective exhibition of Harlan Johnson’s paintings in space # 200 307 St. Catherine St. West (facing Spectrum).

Twenty or so works from the Histoire naturelle (93-96) series will be presented for some time in this space specially designed for collectors and fans of the work of the Montreal artist. Space # 200 will be open from Tuesday May 20th to Saturday June 7th from 11am to 6pm or by appointment at 331-8906.

* * *

The universe of Harlan Johnson is one of personal symbolism where biomorphic, organic and genealogical forms interpenetrate each other.

In this universe no distinction is made. Man and nature swim in the same waters; the hybrid being is next to the fields of the “built”; the subjective is allied with formal reflection, and then the idea of ​​signs that are only figurative or abstract is itself counter to itself.

The pictorial world of Johnson is one of topology, signs, traces left in a given field. The gaze is summoned a little like an enigma in which each sign is symptomatic and resonance of the great whole.

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