Astri Reush, Christiane Ainsley, Colette Laliberté, François Houdé, Kai Chan, Liliana Berezowsky, Lisette Lemieux, Marcel Saint-Pierre, Marie-Claude Bouthillier, Michelle Héon, Murray MacDonald, Paul Béliveau, Pierre Bellemare, Susan Edgerley, Suzanne Dubuc, Yves Louis-Seize

April 30 - May 21, 1988

First, the message.
You are invited to the inauguration of Galerie Trois Points, on Saturday, April 30th, between 2PM and 5PM at 307 Ste-Catherine west, suite 555.

Then the reason.
There is none. Actually it is quite unwise to open a gallery which devotes itself to contemporary art. Let us say rather that it is an act of passion. Everyone needs passion. Passion sustained Michel Groleau for seven years. He has now retired leaving us the marvellous space of his gallery. We thank him not only for his warm and precious collaboration but above ail for years of effort which have resulted in some splendid accomplishments.

A matter of circumstances then?
Circumstances such as the sudden closing of some galleries. An abondance of artists, some of whom have not shown their works in recent years, for lack of an adequate space. To maintain the tradition of providing a showcase for international art in Montreal, instead of ail the art going to Toronto. This particular paradox: among Toronto’s best exhibitions you’ll find the work of Québec artists!

But who is the owner?
There is not one but three. The triumvirat is composed of:

Jocelyne.Aumont, who completed her M.A. thesis in Art History on the Trans-avantgarde under René Payant. During the last year, she worked with both Galerie Michel Tétreault and Galerie Elena Lee Verre d’Art. Jocelyne Aumont shall be the director of Galerie Trois Points.

Eric Devlin, a journalist who writes articles on the sciences, has also been working in the art field for severa! years. He has done some artists’ profiles for Décormag, an assignment he shares equally with Gilles Daigneault. He is also an unrepentant collector.

Elena Lee who has directed her own gallery for mo.a man ten years: Galerie Elena Lee Verre d’Art- an ongoing comitment. She has been instrumental in promoting a new generation of sculptors working mostly with glass. A number of these artists have in recent years pursued projects of such scale as to overwhelm the confines of the Sherbrooke street space. Their work will now be shown at Galerie Trois Points.

And who are the artists?
You will see, when you come to the opening. There will be painters as well as sculptors. There will be artists from Quebec, Montreal, Toronto, but also Paris, New-York and Martinique.

Press release