Jacki Danylchuk, Paul de Guzman, Yves Boucher

November 28 - January 16, 1999

It is under the theme of the incision that Galerie Trois Points will bring together the work of three artists whose work consists of cutting to create the work. Thus we can verify the fine relations between the works of Jacki Danylchuk, Yves Boucher and Paul de Guzman.

Filipino artist living in Vancouver, Paul de Guzman does a job that contributes to an aesthetics of assembly, in this case: art history books. He systematically cuts out all the text of these works, leaving only a few pieces of images. The result is a kind of chiseled box whose artist leaves the “pieces” entrenched available. Thus the gaze recomposes the whole, if only by an imaginary reconstitution.

The work of Yves Boucher, on the other hand, would rather appeal not to a reconstruction of the image, but to a contemplation proper. It is by the use of engraved wood that he works guided by an idea of ​​mathematics.

Finally, Jacki Danylchuk’s work was shown last year at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Montreal during the exhibition De passion et passion. It uses body images – mainly male – and then carved them a little like a lace. Thus certain semantic movements take place, which may allow us, in particular, to consider the skin literally as the tissues it creates.

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