Michèle Assal

November 17 - December 22, 2001

From November 17 to December 22, Michèle Assal is back at Galerie Trois Points for introducing us to the Kuklos series.

“The ancients divided time into endless cycles (gr Kuklos), ‘wheels’ included within ‘wheels’, all these periods having varying durations and each marking the beginning or the end of some cosmic event, terrestrial, physical or metaphysical. There were cycles of only a few years, others of immense duration. ”

Such a definition can be applied to the approach of Michèle Assal, who returns here with her production of the first years: more oval forms, earthy colors and Engraving elements have indeed resurfaced. Without even questioning himself, the artist returned to pure painting; she neglected her reflection on the intimacy of the individual to focus instead on the surface and the material. Worked in layers, this one evokes the passage of time, the guiding thread of Assal’s work. Another constant: the work in sections, which allows him to see how the space manipulates the image. The latter is distorted, plans, upset, to the delight of the artist.

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