La théorie des cordes

Michèle Assal

March 27 - April 24, 2004

From March 27 to April 24, Michèle Assal is visiting Galerie Trois Points to present us his most recent production associated with string theory.

In recent years, Michèle Assal’s approach is based on the fragmentation of the work and the subject. In the series entitled Kuklos (cycle), the wheel was reduced to a sign and was more or less identifiable. In this series, it is the representation of a rope that serves as leitmotiv.

String theory refers to the relationship between space and time; she opens the door to twenty-six dimensions. Starting from this idea, the artist conceived the artwork as a succession of spaces and textures that evolves in a moving time, which can vary according to the fragment of the painting. Such work in modules allows to see how the space manipulates the image. Because it is distorted, plans, they upset, to the delight of the artist.

Interestingly, this new production requires that the Gallery be transformed into a work of art. Indeed, for the occasion, the walls will be painted in different colors. A relationship will thus be established between the painted surfaces and the exposed elements, even going as far as creating virtual tables. In this way, Michèle Assal invites the spectator to enter the work.

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