La véritable peinture du Canadien

Pierre Bellemare

November 30 - December 23, 1994

Pierre Bellemare, who exhibited recently in Quimper, has for several years been practicing an art of recovery, an “art of alleys” as he himself defines it, investing the rejects of our society with a new dignity. Through an act of re-presentation, he questions the intrinsic poetic qualities of the everyday object, reveals its dreamlike potential, the echoes of a memory in which real and imaginary merge.

In The Real Painting of the Canadian, the sculptural dimension of the paintings and the titles, just as sharp or blunt as the chosen objects, mark a surprising change of tone at Pierre Bellemare’s. From the poetic representation of the usual object now emerges a biting irony testifying to an increasingly critical perception of our society.

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