Les années concentriques

Yves Boucher

March 31 - April 28, 2001

From March 31 to April 28, Galerie Trois Points presents Yves Boucher’s latest work.

In continuity with the work he exhibited at Galerie B-312, Boucher offers us various series of circles in cherry and mahogany with the most attractive color combinations. While rendering manifests the idea of ​​industrialization of nature, these plywood are coated with a synthetic resin that is reminiscent of the sap of fruit trees. The artist takes again the process of crystallization proper to the latter by intervening between the different layers of lacquer: straw, seeds, insects and plants are somehow fossilized, cleverly revealed by a game of transparencies. A new element in Boucher’s production, this same lacquer covers rolled wooden ribbons on which floral motifs have been painted. True anamorphoses, they are decomposed by the artist who, by changing the diameter of the ribbon, explores the limits of figuration.

In fact, the visual aesthetic of such a production is only a pretext to account for the mathematical aesthetics of nature; The aim here is to find the underlying organized structure and to superimpose the schematized and symmetrical forms (veins, knots, branches and other details) to the concentric rings of the tree. The result is not only a symbiosis between these two types of writing but also two levels of reading depending on the distance of the viewer.

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