Les Baigneurs

Louise Masson

January 29 - February 26, 2005

Following the exhibition Scenes of Love at Galerie Trois Points in 2002, the painter Louise Masson proposes a new series of paintings entitled Les baigneurs, as well as nine engravings accompanied by a catalog: 9 views, text by Rose- Marie Arbor and poetry by Daniel Danis, published by the editions of the passage. The launch of this catalog will take place on February 9, 2005, at Salon B, 4331b, boulevard Saint-Laurent, from 6 pm.

For Rose-Marie Arbor, “the work of Louise Masson has undergone a transformation that allows her to restore what had previously been partly misguided: the dynamic link between body and mind and the disappearance of their limits, the obligatory passage between his art and his life. […] The result of an inner experience rather than a formal knowledge, the artistic expression of Louise Masson is finally reconciled with oneself and can now be projected into the universal. ” Bathers from Degas or Cézanne to those of Picasso, the works presented at Galerie Trois Points also borrows from the figures of Francis Bacon, but especially the models encountered on the banks of the Ganges: concentrated and meditative beings taking poses of a natural unheard of for everyday gestures.

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