Les Bouleaux

Suzanne Dubuc

May 23 - June 20, 2009

From May 23 to June 20, Galerie Trois Points will present Les Bouleaux, an exhibition that brings together Suzanne Dubuc’s most recent work.

The nature that extends behind the windows of the artist’s studio is the source of this entire series. Dubuc’s Ondoiements, presented in 2007 at the Plateau-Mont-Royal House of Culture and at the Sutton Art Gallery, a series that explored the infinite reflections of light on the water. It is this time the calm and splendor of the winter landscape that inspired the artist for his new series. The proximity to nature is felt in each of the works, both through its bright lights, shadows, materials and forms of infinite variety. Within easy reach, a few birch trees with black and white trunks, streaked with gray, blend into the snowy landscape and become the central motif of a series of works on canvas and paper.

The forms that are cut from large sheets of paper covered with spots and intertwined features are reminiscent of the disorder of the plant world. This collage process through which the artist pushes his exploration of the material meets an interest for the crossings of disparate materials and the slips between the planes, but also for dynamic relationships that settle between heterogeneous elements assembled within the limits of a given space.

The image produced is the result of a framing. It belongs to a larger whole, which exceeds it. It is a reflection of all the complexity of the world, which can only be grasped in fragments.

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