L’espace devant le temps

October 11 - November 15, 2003

From October 11 to November 15, Nathalie Grimard is back at Galerie Trois Points to present her latest work.

Nathalie Grimard continues her reflection on first aid and their relationship with sleep. Through various image processing, it represents certain maneuvers performed by a stranger witnessing an accident or a malaise. The ten large-format images evoke the sense of urgency as well as that of the rescue felt during sleep. The movements seem to stop in a space in front of time.

The staging of the artist himself receiving first aid tends to recreate a space of protected place and safeguarding the being. Nathalie Grimard represents herself in this state to illustrate the relationship that can be made between sleep and the abandonment of the body, the disappearance of the physical state for the psychic state, the transition from the conscious state to the unconscious state. As if sleep were the experience of physical death and, paradoxically, its resurrection. The presence of a foreign speaker coming to assist him accentuates the idea of ​​abandoning a body delivered to the unknown. Reading this new series of the artist can not be complete without mentioning the dreamlike dimension that emerges.

Nathalie Grimard was the recipient of the Pierre Ayot Prize awarded by the City of Montreal in collaboration with the Association of Contemporary Art Galleries of Montreal (AGAC) in 2001.

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