Des lèvres de velours et d’autres qui le sont moins

Paul Lacroix

October 14 - November 11, 2000

From October 14 to November 11, Paul Lacroix is ​​visiting Galerie Trois Points to present us his most recent creations.

Always curious to go further and elsewhere, the artist revisits here the technique of the photogram, which consists of depositing an object directly on the sensitive paper in order to draw a photographic image. Lacroix applies this method to his own drawings, in this case the sketches of lips executed in 1978 and retouched over the years. Arranged in the center of the image, the drawing is framed by wide black-white bands when it comes to the negative of the drawing — which make the work of the most seductive. Finally, note that the light comes across both sides of the drawing and reveals the fact of forgotten gestures: signature, handwritten notes and other traces left on the surface.

The present corpus is essentially inspired by an exhibition of X-rays of paintings of great masters seen by the artist about 40 years ago. This event highlighted the stages of creation of a work to better reveal the invisible, the preparatory drawing and the repentances. Here, Paul Lacroix undertakes somehow the opposite way: transfigure an original drawing to make a bright and colorful, almost magical.

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