Damien Beguet, Emmanuelle Villard, Margi Geerlinks, Mathias Schmied, MP & MP Rosado, Renaud Bézy

October 9 - November 13, 2004

As part of an exchange between the cities of Lyon and Montreal, Galerie Trois Points will present from October 9 to November 6, 2004 the artists of the Olivier Houg Gallery. The artists present will be Damien Béguet, Renaud Bézy, Mathias Schmied and Emmanuelle Villard whose work is presented on the Olivier Houg gallery’s website: In addition, there will also be works by the surprising artist Margi Geerlinks ( and the twin brothers MP & MP Rosado (

In return, the Galerie Olivier Houg will host the works of Christiane Ainsley, Paul Bureau and Mario Côté in December 2005.

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