Manscape and Artefact

November 13 - December 18, 1999

From November 13 to December 18, Evergon is visiting Galerie Trois Points to present her latest works.

Since 1992, Evergon has been looking at the hotspots frequented by men in both America and Europe. Urban and industrial parks, dark forests, bridges, viaducts and cemeteries are the universal sites of desire. The latter are often marked by graffiti, handkerchiefs, clothing and other artifacts asserting the possession of the premises, centers of police intimidation and violence. In this sense, the photographs of the artist are documents or rather fragments of truth; Evergon‘s “archeological” approach reminds us that ” la sexualité est une investigation de notre identité, de ses territoires..” [1]

Simultaneously, the present corpus invites us to stage the illicit and sometimes anonymous encounters implied by these isolated places. To better evoke the atmosphere of these meetings, Evergon manipulates his medium and evacuates all narrative content by eliminating the protagonists. The result is a mysterious and even surreal effect that positions the work as a manifestation of a personal sensitivity and not as a simple fact finding.

Thus, MANSCAPE & ARTEFACT production is both reality and fiction. Witnessing the pleasure and the suffering, the security and the vulnerability permeating the atmosphere of these places, the photographic work of Evergon remains in suspense, heavy with past and future.

[1] François Barré, ” Le passage du siècle”, dans Fémininmasculin , Paris, Gallimard, 1995, p.9

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