Margaret and I

September 8 - October 13, 2001

As part of the Month of Photography, Galerie Trois Points presents Evergon‘s latest production.

In 1990, the young homosexual brother of the artist died of AIDS.

In 1992, his mother, Margaret Lunt, served as a model for Ramba Mama (Ramboys: A Bookless Novel). The following year, she participated in a TV show devoted to Evergon. Ignoring the existence of such portraits, the artist’s father is furious to see his wife laying bare breasts. Two days later, he is admitted to the hospital after having a heart attack. Reached a cancer, he died in 1998.

Last fall, during a stay in Montreal, Margaret asks her son why he does not photograph her naked anymore. From then on, at each of her visits, she will pose completely naked, aware of her power as a strong woman with an aging body. In addition, she will pose not only as the only survivor of the family — with her son — but as a double of the artist.

Today, Margaret is 81 years old; Evergon is 54 years old.

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