Menus mouvements de va-et-vient

January 14 - February 11, 2012

Galerie Trois Points is more than pleased to welcome the Elmyna Bouchard new solo exhibition titled Menus mouvements de va-et-vient, from January 14th to February 12th, exhibiting a brand new body of large-scale works on paper.

If Elmyna Bouchard is well known for her engravings, she was lately working on large canvas pieces, using the paper as the medium applied onto the surface. The pieces featured in Menus mouvements de va-et-vient stay in continuity with the explorations with fabric, here through the creation of printed patterns on large paper surfaces.

Bouchard uses a small stamp she creates, a simple process that allows her to create very light modulations through the rhythm of execution or the amount of ink she chooses to put onto the stamp. Through the multiplication of the motif modifies it in such a way that the viewer can hardly identify it, therefore creating large primitive figures within the monochromatic abstractions featuring holes where all our certainties could swallow.

The repetition of the gesture has always been key to Elmyna Bouchard’s work, a mean to explore the everyday poetry, the falsely spontaneous gesture and the question of intimacy. These new large-scale pieces fascinate by the delicate printmaking and intrigue with the beauty of the imperfect crafted motif that reminisce of the fabric and textile explorations of that is so meaningful in her latest works.

Elmyna Bouchard’s printmaking work has been largely awarded. She has been the 2003 winner of the Fondation Monique et Robert Parizeau Price and has win both the Biennale du dessin, de l’estampe et du papier du Québec and the Biennale internationale d’estampe contemporaine de Trois-Rivières. Bouchard has exhibited her work widely in Quebec and Canada and internationally in France (Paris, Lyon, Saint-Malo), Japan (Tokyo), Italy (Cremona) and Australia (Brisbane). Her work is included in a number of notable collections, specifically National Bank of CanadaCirque du SoleilLoto-Québec, Alcan and Ernst & Young.

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