Mise en abyme

Michèle Assal

October 18 - November 15, 2008

Galerie Trois Points will find the world of Michèle Assal from October 18 to November 15, as the artist lets us into the cozy atmosphere of her most recent production. Michèle Assal continues her questioning on string theory and seeks to make visually tangible the lowest common denominator of the universe, even smaller than the atom to highlight the functioning of the universe. By exploring different mediums such as drawing, photography, painting and even textile printing, Assal emphasizes the idea of multiplying the universe and the infinity of possible interpretations.

The exhibition itself is built as an installation, an environment in which the viewer is invited to discover very closely the work of Michèle Assal who succeeds in awakening the senses in an extremely precise way. One literally plunges into the essence of the artist’s approach through his paintings on wood sometimes deposited on the floor or grouped into blocks that are left only partially perceive. The viewer, called to evolve through a sinuous course, is confronted with a screen that forces him to contemplate certain works through a filter that adds an additional plan and accuses the idea of perception through multiple spaces. Further on, photographs printed on spandex are hung directly on the wall and confront the viewer with a completely confusing relationship to softness.

While Assal pursues her quest by exploring the infinitely small, she nevertheless embarks on the exploration of new mediums, including photography through which she explores how one can deform flesh by creating a volume that plays with the voids and the full ones by questioning in a very strong way the sensitivity of the spectator. The universe set up by the artist reflects the evolution of his artistic approach, which today shows a great maturity.

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