Alex McLeod

September 6 - October 4, 2014

Galerie Trois Points is delighted to present MYTH, a new solo exhibition by gallery artist Alex McLeod taking place in our main space from September 6 to October 4. The Toronto-based artist will present a new series of hyperrealistic interiors he creates using specialized software.

Building on the Canadian landscape-painting legacy, Alex McLeod has been completely renewing the genre for several years through complex digital techniques. With his latest production, he created a variety of virtual interiors, going from the gleam-ing landscapes we know him for to even crazier environments.

With these new interior spaces, McLeod seems to allow the viewer a chance to travel within the buildings he has only been showing us from afar. While pursuing his research on matter, with MYTH, the artist proposes a highly anthropomorphic architecture, giving some visceral life to the structural elements; while the stairs may resemble veins and the pillars evoking bones.

While his previous works featured dormant landscapes, this new series of interiors stands out quite differently in how it seems to have capture an intrinsic movement. The pictures seem to show a frozen moment, a turning point where something might have just exploded or is about to, the compositions literally coming to life before our eyes.

Alex McLeod lives and works in Toronto. An OCAD graduate, Alex McLeod studied drawing and computer-generated digital imagery. His work has been widely shown in Canada, especially in Montreal, Toronto, Regina and Vancouver, but also in the United States (New York, Hamilton, Philadelphia, Chicago) as well as in France, Spain, Sweden, New Zealand, Japan and Brazil. McLeod’s works are featured in many private and public collections, the Royal Bank of Canada, the Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art, the Bank of Montreal and the MMPI Canada collections, among others.

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