Nouvelles couleurs

, Scott Everingham

March 27 - April 24, 2010

It is with the greatest pleasure that the new direction of Galerie Trois Points celebrates its first year anniversary with a duo show of Scott Everingham and Mathieu Lévesque, two new artists of the gallery.

Scott Everingham and Mathieu Lévesque both seek to explore the limits of paint, creating fascinating puzzling atmospheres. While Lévesque mixes numerous techniques, intertwining randomness and forwardness, the worthy oil and the trivial stickers being applied with the same sake on the surface, Everingham’s oils on canvas create environments that are at once tangible and indeterminate, acting as modes of escape to fictional or alternative realities.

Influenced by film, magic realism, and circumstance, Everingham produces work that is both deliberate and the spontaneous. His ambiguous, unfamiliar settings – with broken structures and visceral anatomy made from the language of paint – may suggest an insecure state of being, yet are also intended to create the illusion and belief that they are new, real places.

In Lévesque’s compositions, as graffiti accumulations, the signs share a tensed existence, without caring about the contiguous elements of their environment. Individualistic icons, their anarchic coexistence is almost exempt of communication, as the urban citizens who are crossing each other without a look.

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  • Eloi Desjardins, Profil d’artiste: Mathieu Lévesque, Un Show de Mot'Arts, 2010. 04. 15.. PDF