Oeuvres de fiction (commissaire: Evergon)

Carlos & Jason Sanchez, Marisa Portolese, Melanie Shatzky

November 30 - December 21, 2002

Eager to give space to young artists, the Galerie Trois Points wanted to organize an exhibition bringing together the next generation. For the occasion, she turned to Evergon, an artist and professor of photography at Concordia University, who is here as commissioner.

Melanie Shatzky presents the Untitled series, which explores the duplicity of the individual. In one of the works, a woman takes the role of a man; with a mustache, she casts a sly glance to her right. Another work shows her wearing a dress, her hands placed on his body strategically; looking surprised, she looks at us innocently. His environment is both bizarre and impersonal, an atmosphere reinforced by the cold palette of the artist.

In their latest production entitled Model Citizens, Carlos and Jason Sanchez staged the adult world. Their new photographic project, The Young, focuses more on children and the loss of innocence. We find in these works a mysterious and fantastic character, which resonates only in the fertile imagination of a young child.

Marisa Portolese’s work is based on the human body and the contemporary portrait. Her approach is to represent women in their intimacy, by assigning them different roles: diva, bitch, goddess, ingenuous or other. Fascinated by the staging of the feminine, she is interested in the provocative sexuality of her models. She also seeks to celebrate individuality and difference by photographing women of all ages and backgrounds.

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