Oeuvres sur papier / Erik Jerezano, Kristin Bjornerud, Daniel Dueck

Daniel Dueck, Erik Jerezano, Kristin Bjornerud

January 12 - February 9, 2008

Galerie Trois Points presents for the first time the work of three new artists who treat drawing in a fun and refreshing way; Kristin Bjornerud, Daniel Dueck and Erik Jerezano.

In Kristin Bjornerud’s recent drawings, various animal puppets are represented to challenge our changing conception of nature. Kristin Bjornerud develops her research on dream narration, folk fables and animal mythologies with imaginary associations and strange behaviors. While making her illustrations, she weaves links between autobiography and portraiture; in several drawings, the artist puts herself in the middle of a conversation with these puppets. Becoming a puppeteer, the artist is intimately linked to the subject. These exchanges are magical projections of an imaginary world where a dialogue between species takes place, and a questioning on the degradation of our habitat and on our moral obligations towards nature is launched. A native of Saskatoon, Kristin Bjornerud currently lives and works in Hamilton, Ontario and has a Masters of Fine Arts degree from the University of Saskatchewan. She has exhibited at the Art Gallery of Regina at the Bjorneson Kajiwara Gallery (Vancouver) at the James Baird Gallery (Newfoundland) and has been featured in the group exhibition Dialogue: Contemporary Canadian Art in Evolution. at Rideau Hall in 2006.

Flexibility and spontaneity are key elements in Daniel Dueck’s work, where elephant figures evolve in their own universe. These characters explore fantasies, illogical stories and sexual awakening in a space where the imaginary unconscious becomes visible. In his imagined drawings, Daniel Dueck tries to represent the same shifts between reality and fantasy found in children’s stories. Born in Winnipeg, Daniel Dueck lives in New York City and has a Master of Fine Arts degree from Tufts University, Boston, School of the Museum of Fine Arts. He has presented his work solo among others at the Skirt Gallery (Boston) and the Institute of Contemporary Art (Winnipeg).

For Erik Jerezano, the works have a life cycle of their own, within which forms regenerate and an idea of ​​rebirth takes place. These are fables without morals, which unfold in a world of visual negotiations. Currently, this artist works with small formats and neutral colors and monochromes, to open the space of paper, and give a certain lightness to his images. The sweetness and ironic reflections that are found in his drawings connect the two places that culturally forged the artist, namely Mexico City where he grew up and Toronto he has lived since 2001. Erik Jerezano is a self-taught artist and presented his works in artists’ centers across Canada, Mexico, and Europe. His work was selected by the Drawing Center Viewing Program in New York in 2006. Since 2004, he has also been part of the Z’otz * artist collective with Nahùm Flores and Ilyana Martinez.

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